How Alert FX works

  1. Set-up and customize your own Forex alerts via the website for any of our supported currency pairs
  2. Our proprietary FX alert software monitors your alerts' criteria and triggers the alerts when their conditions are met.
  3. The alerts are delivered to you via the chosen method(s) such as email, mobile, instant messenger, or RSS feed, along with chart snapshots of the currency trends.

Types Of Alerts

AlertFX supports Forex Price Alerts, Forex Indicator Alerts, Economic Calendar Alerts, and Market Snapshot Alerts.

Alert Setup

Using the website, create alerts interactively right on the charts with our intuitive graphical interface. Visually set your alerts by simply clicking on a price-level on the chart and fine-tune your alert with a wide array of parameters.

Alert Delivery

The volatile nature of the FX market demands that traders stay connected to the market as closely as possible. Alert FX delivers alerts to your email, mobile phone, twitter, instant messenger, and RSS, ensuring timely and accurate delivery of your FX alerts.

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