Q: I think one of my alerts "misfired"
We strive to deliver accurate forex alert execution, however, it is possible that an alert may trigger based on a "false positive". If you believe that you received an alert which should not have executed, please .
Q: I didn't receive an alert
There are several possibilities regarding why an alert was not triggered/executed, sent, or delivered.
  • Check if the alert actually executed. In the Alert's details, in the "Execution History" section, see if there is a record for the execution. If there is no record for the time-frame you are concerned about, the alert did not execute.
  • The "total" or "daily" limit for the alert has been reached. Check the alert's settings to make sure that the limits have not been reached. (In this case, there WILL NOT be a record in the alert's "Execution History")
  • The "daily" device send limit has been reached. Check the Device which was expected to receive the alert to make sure the daily device send limit has not been reached. (In this case, there WILL still be a record in the alert's "Execution History" regarding the execution of the alert with delivery or error details)
  • The "Timeout" parameter is set. When the timeout parameter is set for an alert, the execution will be "paused" for your specified number of seconds after the previous execution. Any possible executions during this "timeout" period will not be triggered.
  • There was an error in sending the alert to your device. Check the "Execution History" in the alert's details to verify that there was no error in sending the alert to the specified device.
  • Other Possibilities: There are several other scenarios regarding the non-delivery of alerts, please Contact our Technical Support Team with your details of your issue.
Q: I want to receive alerts to my mobile phone, how do I do it?
Alert FX sends alerts to mobile phone via Email-to-SMS gateways. Rather than sending an SMS/Text message directly to your phone, Alert FX sends an alert in the form of an email to you mobile provider, and that gets forwarded to your mobile via SMS/Text.